eihridian asked:

Hey! First off I wanted to say that I am a huge fan and find it amazing how you and Rosie started you're own merch. Not a lot of people say that they have they're own clothing design and change peoples lives all over the world. I am from a small town and people can be so judgmental and not accepting. How do you deal with people staring and being rude because of your sexuality?

roseellendix answered:

I stare at them back until they HAVE to break their gaze. That’s usually the best one. Or if a bunch of people say something just AFTER you’ve walked past them because they’re too chicken shit just to say it to your face, I usually turn back and say, “sorry?” really politely which ALWAYS throws them way off base. Usually they go, “nothing” or “didn’t say anything” to which I continue to say, “SORRY?!” only louder that time so other people can hear. 

I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m really not prepared to be shouted or stared at because I’m holding hands with a girl. I mean, get the fuck over it and don’t cause me to make you look ridiculous.